On this page we do not report all our activities but only some characteristic events
We have now two or three activities a month.
By Pinhas Baraq

Our gathering at the Dead Sea shore. 5th of May 2001

We had a very successful gathering, more then 50 members and friends took part in this event from all over the country, people arrived even from Eilat and Haifa.
Some new young couples joined us and those for whom it was the first naturistic experience, they felt them self directly comfortable and absorbed in the group by the free and wonderful atmosphere.
Families with children stressed that naturism is for the whole family.
Coffee, thee and some snack were as usual free.

Our pool activity, 6th of January 2001

A sport center in the center of Israel was ready to give us the use of the pool on Saturday evening when the pool is closed for subscribers.

Many people criticized me on the fact that I did not report here about our former pool activity three weeks ago, the reason was simple, the pictures were not nice enough, today, although because the difficult light conditions the pictures are also not so clear, I have no choice, I must report about the event, because the pool activities are of a increasing success, and more people take part in the activities.

Three weeks ago 64 people attended the pool activity, this time there were even more.
People could swim in the warmed pool, enjoy a real Finish sauna, or play a ping pong game, but the main pleasure were the social contacts, and in fact the pool was only sporadic full of people.

generally people sat down and talked with each other.
This time we had even a program, Uri gave a short but very interesting lecture about Sientology, there was singing together with guitar and Arabic drum, and some proposed other activities in the future.
Further our treasurer Israel, found the funds to pay for it, and with our secretary Bel he took care for drink and snack.
We are happy to announce that those who were not able to come to the pool activities, in the near future there will be again an opportunity.

Our festivous gathering on 7 October, 2000

Yes that was a real festival, the opening of the first official naturist beach in Israel.
After short negotiations with the direction of the recreation site Siesta on the Dead Sea shore with an INS delegation, it was ready to reserve a part of the beach for nude recreation, separated from the general beach by a screen and a board at the entrance.
We had a discussion what to write on the board, we requested "Naturistic Beach" but the director said that no body knows what that means, which may be truth so only in the Hebrew text he added the word "Naturistim" as compromise.

The place will be open whole the time, thus not only for our gatherings, which gives possibility for tourists in Israel who want to enjoy a naturistic recreation during the fall, the winter and in the spring and those who really like warmth in the summer too.
With a representative of the direction we drank a cup of wine to celebrate this great moment for naturism in Israel.
The beach is still in stage of development, there are chairs and sunning beds, there is a sweet streaming water pool a very important thing on the Dead Sea shore to rinse the body after a bath in the very salty water of the Dead Sea.

Another attraction was the shower with colt water, a really pleasure when you feel too warm in this tropic area.
Shelters from palm leafs gave shadow and whole the group was concentrated under the same shelter, because every body felt the need to speak with every body.

About 50 people took part in this very nice gathering, some phoned, that they were afraid because the troubles with the Palestineans, to our opinion there was no reason for because all the roads were open and safe to the Siesta Beach; for three girls we arranged even considerable military escort but they were simply too afraid, what happened to our courageous folk?

The atmosphere was excellent, whole families with children came which always gives to our gatherings a special heart warming feeling.
Those who stayed home lost a wonderful gathering, and we hope that the next time, which will be very soon, the troubles in the territories will be finished and that more people will come and enjoy our gathering.

Our gathering on 9 September, 2000

Each gathering has its own character, once the youth determines the tempo, other times the children play the main role.
This gathering was characterized by the experiment to take our equipment down from the cliff and take it on the end of the day upwards by using rappelling ropes.
Our active members were tired to go always up and down with the heavy freight on their back on their heads and in their hands, so we tried to do with rappelling.
The experiment had some positive results, we were less tired during the gathering and less tired after the gathering, but we have to improve the way, because it took too much time to bind the packages together on the rappelling ring, and when we took the equipment down we had a very unpleasant incident, three easy chairs fell down just half the way and arrived on a terrace on the cliff and we were unable to arrive to the place.

The gathering was as usual very nice, the sea was wonderful, the strand clean and the sand soft, but for all the atmosphere was friendly.
Only one peeper circled high above our heads, and we asked our self how it will look like from so high and if it is possible to see any thing from so high, after some time we recognized the peeper it was one of our members, and some minutes later he landed not far from us and joined the group.
When he heard about the chairs on the terrace he directly volunteered to help with his experience in climbing and rappelling, he took the two ropes and climbed to the terrace and threw the chairs down with made the day much comfortable for their owners.
More then 50 people took part in the gathering.

Our gathering on 15 June, 2000

This was a other kind of gathering than we were used to, not a beach activity this time but a combination of other activities in the Dead Sea area.
We started at 18.30 in the Ein Gedi Spa which was open only for us, the first time in cadre of the INS that we had an activity in a special for us reserved place.
The first activity was the mud bath downstairs. The black Dead Sea mud has a special influence on the body; it cleans the skin and some other cosmetic advantages, and the body absorbs some chemicals that broaden the capillary veins. For some it was the first time they had a mud bath, and admired the result in the great mirrors.
The next activity was a jump in the sweet pool, of course after we removed the mud from our bodies under the showers.
Some of the men had a special feeling when going out of the water, it was the feeling that they had lost your swim panties in the pool.
The live guard felt him self directly comfortable with us and joined us very soon in our live style.
The next stage of the Ein Gedi Spa activity was the mineral pool, the warm water which is full of chemicals with healthy working on the body, we were instructed to stay in the pool not more than 15 minutes, because too much may cause problems. After such pool you feel your self a little bit tired and you need a rest in the rest room, where we celebrated the birthday of Meshullam who took with him a big cake, there was a discussion about the quantity to give to each, Bel decided the variance and said that naturists have to keep their weight.
At 20.45 we left the Ein Gedi Spa, some clothed, but there were also some who preferred to drive the 5 KM's in there car naturally, to the next stage of our Dead Sea activity,
the moonlight hike in the canyons of the Ze'elim wadi (a dry river bed) in Judean desert.
That was a special feeling to climb and hike naked in the light of the moon, wearing only hike shoes, and a back bag with a water bottle and some food. Mani gave some explanations about the kind of earth and the floods we have here in the winter time and compared the conditions with those at the other side of the Dead Sea in Jordan.
At 22.45 we arrived back at the parking place of our cars, and went home, for some it was a three hours drive.
More then fifty five people took part in this wonderful activity, we had a guest from Scotland and from Turkey, and we can say, that those who stayed home lost a wonderful activity.
It is here the place to express our thanks to the Ein Gedi Spa director who agreed to make this experience, the workers of the Spa for their very kind service, and of course our Mani who organized this whole activity.

Our gathering on 27 May, 2000

We decided to try another beach for this gathering, a wonderful beach, very broad and very clean, but it is not so far from the other people, and we feared problems with peepers. The responsible of the local authority for this beach had a very positive attitude when we talked her about our plans, so because that we decided to have our gathering there, although it was a little bit farther for the southern members and maybe it was for some even too far and did not come.
At 08.30 the fore runners arrived and chose a suitable place where is no traffic of off road vehicles, they set up the tent for those who need the shadow.
At 10.00 there already a lot of people at our corner, we rose the flag, and set up the volley ball net.
About one hour later the corner we reserved for us was already full, and there was need to move the jeep, to make place for more people to settle down.
Bel in her function of secretary of the organization went around all the people to get acquainted with every one, to update addresses, and to hear about expectations of the people for future activities.
So we have now an exact registration how many people came to our gathering.
72 (seventy two) people were at our gathering, and again we broke the record. We even did not count those who began the gathering by camping one day before, and stayed in their tents far from our gathering place, and only came to say goodbye.

This gathering was characterized by some very positive phenomena; the big number of young people as well boys and girls who attended the gathering, the people were very active and played volley ball games and great groups went to swim in the sea, except this there were very nice conversations and the atmosphere was nice.
During this gathering there were also some for whom it was the first naturistic experience, and they were astonished how easy it is to throw away all the complexities of shame and self under estimations, and it changed their whole personality.
On the end of the day, many promised to come to our next activity in Ein Gedi, at 15th of June in the night, with the very special program, the suggestion to have a camping in the end of June of the beginning of July was welcomed very enthusiastic, and also the plan to hire a ship for a three day's cruise on the Red Sea, we hope we will be able to realize that plan in September which is the most suitable month for such activity in this part of israel.

Our gathering on 6 May, 2000

According to our expectations arrived on this gathering more than sixty people, for some it was their first time, and some were also on the former gathering.
We chose a place which was a little farther from the way down to the beach, so people were not direct confronted with us when they arrived to the beach.
Except some sky divers, we were not disturbed by peepers, the sky divers threw eye shades which was very comfortable for those who lucked to catch one.

We put up a tent for those who need shadow, many people took with them a parasol, and the view from far was as a real naturist village.
Again there was a very nice atmosphere, we played beach games, we swam in the sea, we had very nice conversations and we planned activities for the future.
So arose the idea for organizing a camping in one of the Carmel forests, we have to find a suitable place and examine what activities we can have during the camping as volleyball and other sport games.
During our gathering many joined the INS organization.
We can say again, those who were not there lost a wonderful day.

Our gathering on 15 April, 2000

After the very positive article about us in the Israeli news paper "Yedi'ot Aharonot" we expected a lot of people to come, but so much we could not imagine; more then 60 people took part in this great gathering, and we must mention, that many phoned us that they are not able to come because they will be abroad, others did not receive the message about the gathering, because they belong to the Atlit group, and the communication did not work.
Exactly at 11.00 o'clock we rose the flag, and at 12.00 there were already a lot of people.
Everybody took place in a circle, so there was directly a very social atmosphere, and it was easy to get acquainted with each other.
The weather was good, it was sunny but some times light clouds covered the sky, so it was not too warm.
In contrast to other gatherings, this one was full of activity, people hiked along the beach, swam in the see, some danced, played a ball game and one made acrobatic exercises.

At 13.00 everybody took place in the circle, and an account was given about the winter activities which did not succeed, and the plans for the future and the founding of the official organization.
Most of the attendants joined the new organization.

Two young girls, you don't believe, it was for them the first naturistic experience, felt them self directly free and comfortable, as if they never wore clothes.
They walked a long distance along the beach and returned in dance.

They attracted not only the participants' attention, but also of others.
Two boys passed them while sitting near the water line, and began to talk with them, that was an not symmetric situation the boys full clothed, and the girls hard naked, during the conversation they were invited to join us, but they rejected, a big wave wetted their trousers and also a cellular telephone, according to one of our members - a cellular communication expert - 1000 NIS wastage.
That was a very expensive "peep show" for them.

Another interesting happening was when one Ethiopian boy belonging to a group which had settled about hundred meters from us came to us and asked the girls directly why they are naked, the answer they gave was, that they feel them self so more free and comfortable than with bath clothes, and that they belong to an organized group.
He went back to his group and talked about it with the others, then the whole group came in our direction and took place around the two girls and asked questions about the feeling to be naked and how they do not feel shame, they questions were relevant and not to make skit or laugh, only the Ethiopian girls kept some distance.
On one moment some Ethiopian boys, took their swim panties of felt them self very happy and even began to dance a Hora, and some of us joined them.

On the end of the day, one of the Ethiopian boys asked us how he can join our organization.

Without doubts it was a wonderful day, and every body is expecting our next activity.

Our first gathering in the year 2000 Saturday 18 Mars, 2000

We began our gathering at 11.00 o'clock on the beach of the Dead Sea.
The first gathering after December in the former millennium, except one all were pale, without the nice tan, some tried to hid it by smearing the famous Dead Sea mud on their body.
In total arrived 20 members, but we were not alone some others took part in the nude happening.
Ronith and Jacob took some drinks and snacks from house, which was an addition for the family atmosphere.
Two members who live the most of the time in England took part for the first time and were enthusiast, and promised to try to come when they are in Israel.
Seven members registered for the founding of the official organization.
We continued the gathering till 16.30 o'clock when the warmth of the sun disappeared.

Night Gathering in Tel Aviv Thursday, July 29th., 1999

Waw ! that was a real great gathering, in the middle of Tel Aviv on a official public shore.
At 9.00 PM. we assembled on a quiet part of a public shore, we put the INS flag on top, so that every member could find the exact place.
We tried to count the people, but after 40 it was impossible to go on counting, because people did not stay on their places and some went to the sea to bath, others changed places.
So we estimate there were between 40 and 50 people.
Many were new members or members who came for the first time, for some it was even the first naturist experience, and the darkness made it easier to do the first step.
Everybody were happy and many made new contacts.
New suggestions were made for further activities, as cruises for a weekend, a barberque evenings and so on.
For those interested, we can mention that most of the participants were couples.
It was a wonderful atmosphere, and when we went to bath we saw a real mass of nude bathers in the waves.
We stayed together about three hours and the only reason that we finished was because it became too cold to stay without clothes on the shore.
The initiative for this gathering was from one of the new members, he decided the place the day and the time, and we hope that more people will take part in organizing gatherings.
An important fact was that except two participants who were originally from the Atlit group all the participants were INS members, and some were members from the beginning of INS’ establishment.
We decided to go on, and in the future we will organize more gatherings, also at night like this one.
We are on the map, and we are sure that we will grow further.

Weekend Friday and Saturday, October 16th and 17th, 1998
On the beach in the Ashqelon area.
The gathering was attended by more than forty people, but it was like two different gatherings.
Only two who were on Friday evening arrived also on Saturday, nobody stayed overnight.
All the participants on Friday were members of the INS, and most of the participants on Saturday were original members of the Atlit group.
On Friday there were 21 people, on Saturday 25.
The atmosphere was very good, and we had nice discussions and of course we enjoyed the sun and the gulfs of the sea.
We decided not to go on in organizing complete weekends, because we prefer one big gathering than two small gatherings.

Our gathering in the Dead Sea area of 12th September 1998.

While many web surfers were busy reading the report of the Bill Clinton and Monica Levinsky affair in its original English or Hebrew translated version, INS members had a nice day on the Dead Sea beach.
It was a warm day, and the two hours from 12 o’clock till 14.00 we needed the shadow, the water of the sea, the cold spring-water, and the cold drinks from the cool-boxes.
To have an ice-cold drink in this very warm area is for it self worth to come and to experience it.
Some members arrived later in the afternoon and did not had that wonderful feeling.
The group had many talks, we swam and of course there was the mud body paint, black was the most popular color this time.
Finally a new member joined us, a girl who practiced Naturism already 18 years on this place and was happy to hear that we are now organized in an organization.
Those who stayed home and preferred to surf the web, thought it will be too warm or were recoiled for the long distance, missed a wonderful day.

Our gathering in the Natanya area, Saturday, August 22nd, 1998.

At the gathering arrived 15 people.
Many stay at home because the news about pollute of the sea water, although our beach was not included on the list of dangerous places.
Three new couples arrived, but we still must strongly consider to accept them as members or not.
We had discussions about what are the boundaries of tolerable behavior in our group.
This discussion resulted in writing a special page about the general accepted behavior etiquette's for naturists and nudists, which is linked from the join form of our site.
Although the new members did not arrive to us through the internet, we hope that in the future no doubts will rise again.
Between all the others who came to the gathering there was a very nice contact.

Our gathering in the Natanya area, Friday, July 31, 1998.

At the gathering arrived 25 people from all over the country, from Be'er Sheve till Kiryat Shemona.
It was a wonderful day, and more contacts for further friendship were made.
The sea was clean without jelly fishes, and every body was happy, but...
On the end we were confronted with the Israeli reality in this area - two cars of members were stolen.

Our joint gathering in the Nataya area on July 18th 1998.

A wonderful quiet and clean beach - except some tar lumps.
At nine o'clock we raised the INS flag, and at ten o'clock there were already people from Haifa, Be'er Sheva, Kiryat Shemona, Jerusalem and the Area of Natanya, later arrived people from Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Ma'aleh Adummim and Rehovot.
At the gathering there were twenty persons of our group, children and introduceds included, further two members and their two friends arrived to give their greetings to us, but announced they were unable to stay with us.
Two others came on the end of the day, when we took the flag down already.
The children gave to the gathering a special nice family atmosphere.
We swam, talked, and sunned with medical supervision.

The other group informed us by cellular phone, that they will arrive all together at one o'clock.
At one fifteen, we phoned to them and they informed us that they are on their way and that they can see already our flag.
We looked in their direction and saw a big procession of about thirty people approaching us and on the head a kind of parade marshal.
The moment they arrived we had the feeling that a big wave was overpowering us, but after some minutes of recovering and after they took of their clothes, we saw they are people like us with the same tolerant attitude toward naturism.
We made friendly contacts and talked about further joint activities in the future.

Later we had some trouble with a water motorcycle who came obviously to peep at the nude swimming people, and some were in danger.
One of the group went to the driver and proposed him to park his vessel on the shore and come to peep at us as much as he want, but asked him to stop directly to endanger the swimming people.
That had a fantastic effect; with speed the driver get away ashamed.
It is pity that there was not a same way to remove the jelly-fishes that also made some troubles.

Suggestions made for joint activities: cruises, trying to find a pool where we can have fun for a day, further the other group will inform us about their gatherings and we shall inform them about our activities, so we are on the way of a successively fusion.

A very positive process.

Our gathering in the Dead Sea area.

On June 13th 1998 we arrived to the Ein Gedi beach. We raised the flag of the INS in a open place between the Eshel trees, and it was visible even from the road, so people could see where we were. One hour after putting up the information table, in a place with much shade, nobody came to it, so we went around the whole shore, but we did not see any known members. We saw some who walked naked between the clothed people. We began to distribute our propaganda between the people who, judging from their choice of beach attire, were not far from our ideas. Nearly everybody who was naked, were already registered to the INS, but did not know about the others because they were not at our first gathering.

A couple from Beer Sheva and our man from Eilath, Fox, arrived early, before we even set up the information table. They had friendly relations without knowing that they are members in the same organization. After the distribution of the pamphlets, it became clear who is member, and some came and settled down near the information table. Later, more members arrived, and there was also some interest from people who had never heard of us. The weather forecast was very unfavorable for a long stay in the area of the Dead Sea. Unbearable warmth was expected, which may be the reason that there were less people than on our first gathering. Only eleven members came to the gathering.

During the gathering there was a strong social consolidation of the group. We talked together. We gave information about some very surprising developments for the future of Naturism in Israel. We drank much ,especially water, and we ate plums, swam and hiked together. For some it was the first time to have the experience of naked hiking.
Later we smeared black mud on our entire bodies and took pictures. Even those who had some difficulties with social nudity, liberated themselves from their inhibitions, and had fun. No body suffered from the warmth, and when we separated, everybody went home with the feeling that it was a wonderful day. Those who stayed home missed this wonderful day.

Our first gathering in the Tel-Aviv area.

On the 23rd of May we assembled in cafe "Galleria" in the big shopping center near Sefayim, for our first gathering in the Tel-Aviv area.
After a half an hour we went to the beach of Ga'ash. More members, who did not succeed to arrive in time to the assembly point, joined us at the beach. 15 members arrived, not including the members who went down before us and lost contact due to "no service" on their cellular telephones.

During our stay on the beach, three more people who were interested in our activities joined us as members. For some of us it was their first nudist experience. All the Kiryat Shemona section were present, which will compel us to attend also, if there will be any happenings in the north. Very nice personal contacts were established, and suggestions were made for further activities, such as renting a ship for a day sail, and gatherings in other areas.

General programs will be published on this page. More detailed information will be sent to registered members only.