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Pinhas in Ein Gedi

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two nudist girls

One early morning I was nude on the shore of Ein Gedi. While I swam in the sea, a group of young English girls came to the shore. The girls sat down not far from my clothes. When I came back to the shore, I hurried to wrap a towel around me and went to the girls, asking if they would object if I stay naked. They answered, "Feel free." I was able to continue enjoying the sun the sand and the wonderful feeling of being one with nature without clothes.After only a few minutes some girls took their tops off and after a quarter of an hour three of them joined me and also stripped the bottom of their bathing costumes. Others did not go so far, and no body pressed them to do so.

When more people came to the shore, including complete families with children, they found a reality which they could not object to, even if they had wanted. They had the choice to join us nude, to stay with us clothed, or to look for a place a little farther on.

All them stayed with us. A few took their clothes of and joined us, and I do not remember any who took offense at the fact that they were together with nude people, men and women.

So developed the "free beach" in Ein Gedi, nude and clothed people lived together in peace. Even social contacts developed between the two "kinds" of people.

In the last year when I was on the shore of Ein Gedi, a number of policemen came to the shore to see the situation. (They may have been looking for drug traders.) Many of the nude people on the shore were frightened, and put their clothes on, or wrapped a towel around their body. Others stayed naked; I was one of them.
I asked one of the policemen if they came to enforce the law. "Yes," was his answer. "That is our duty." But after my question if I, being naked, should to be afraid for it, he answered with a grin: "You? No, not at all."


Driving and going naked on the roads in Israel by: Irith Avrahami, Ramat Aviv.

I am working as a fashion model. If I have free time I go to the beach of Ga'ash to sun naked to tan my body. I go because I love it, but also because in my work it is better not to have tan lines; sometimes you show bathing costumes of different styles, or transparent clothes, and the tan lines are very ugly.

Two years ago in summer time, on a free day, I was alone naked on the beach. I enjoyed the sun, and there were no other people on the beach. The place is a quiet place, and in the middle of the week generally there is nobody. I entered the sea, and it was wonderful jumping in the waves freely without clothes. But then I heard a big noise and saw that a part of the sand wall of the dune collapsed like an avalanche. It covered exactly the place were I sat some minutes ago.

"I am lucky," was my first reaction. "Should I have been there, I would be under tons of sand."
but directly I realized, that now all my clothes are covered.
Directly I realized, that now all my clothes were covered. I hurried to the place where my clothes had been, and began to dig a little, but there was no hope. A bulldozer would have to work a day to arrive at my clothes. What would I do? I did not even have a towel. How would I get to my home? I parked my car on the other side of the Tel-Aviv - Natanya road. The key to my car was no problem; I had a reserve key in a secret place behind the bumper. I had a reserve key to my home in my car, but my bag with my money, credit cards and even my cellular telephone were under the sand. I was unable to even ask for help from friends.

Initially I doubled up with laughter, because of the very funny situation, but than I began to think of what to do. I looked around for pieces of textile and ropes to try to cover my body, but I found nothing suitable. I found a newspaper and began to make a slip and a brassiere, but after some steps they tore and fell to the ground. I decided to walk in the direction of my car, and think of what to do. Until the road it was wonderful on the sandy paths. I could go freely. No one was in the area. I even found it very comfortable to hike a quarter of an hour completely naked.

When I reached the road, I found no other solution than to take the car and drive, without clothes, to my house. The moment I was able to pass the road I ran to the other side. Without doubts some saw me, but nobody stopped. I got to the car and opened the boot, hoping there might have been something I could wear, but the search was in vain. At least I could travel to my home now. Once there I would have to pass the open court on the crowded street, and ascend the stairs to the fourth floor or take the elevator. I entered my car. I fastened the seat belt according to the law, not even noticing until now that the shoulder belt passed exactly between my breasts, and the lap belt was just an inch above my pubic hair.

It was three o clock PM, and I considered waiting until the evening, but I remembered that in the evening I had work in Tel-Aviv, so I should drive home despite the traffic jams. I began to drive in the direction of Tel-Aviv. The first part of the way there were no problems. I do not think that anybody saw me. I passed Herzliah without needing to stop for traffic lights. I arrived at the Country Club junction. A long row of cars was waiting for the traffic lights, so I chose the right lane to limit visibility to cars on the left side only. A car stopped near mine. A woman sat on the right side of the driver, and she looked in my direction, but continued to talk with the driver. She did not notice that I was naked, because most of my body was hidden behind the door of my car. The traffic light changed to green and all the cars began to move, but I did not make it past the junction and had to stop again. I tried to stay near the same car, but had no luck and another car stopped near me. There was no passenger, and the driver did not look at me from the other side of the car. I felt a little disappointment.

At the next traffic light I had big troubles, a bus stopped on my left side, and the people from their high positions were able to see my whole body except my head. I looked and saw two men with their faces pressed to the window, looking at me with hungry eyes. I turned my head back and thought, "enjoy it if you want to." At the next traffic light, I had to turn to the left, so I had to choose the left lane. A Ford Transit sat on the right side of my car. Because the driver in such a car sits a little higher than me in my Peugeot 205, he could see my whole body and even my face. I heard his klaxon and I turned my head toward him. He looked at me hungrily, as though eating me with his eyes. I smiled and waved hello to him. I had become used to people seeing me naked in my car. When the light changed green, I turned to the left and he had to continue his way straight on.

I arrived my home without too many problems. Some drivers saw that I was naked, but it did not cause any traffic obstruction. Now began the difficult part; getting out my car in a crowded street with people who may know me. I found a parking place only two hundred meters from my home on the other side of the street. I decided to behave normally, as if there were nothing wrong. I got out my car and closed the door.
With nothing more on me than the key of my car and the key of my apartment, I crossed the street. I decided not to run; that scandalizes the situation more. I walked normally, but naked, on the pavement. Here I had a run of bad luck. People saw me. Some were shocked. Others grinned or laughed. Some made exclamations or complained, but I still arrived at my building. According to the lights of the elevator it was coming down. Thus people would be in it and would see me the moment they opened the door. I decided to go up the stairs because I should have less chance to meet people who know me. The moment I began my way up, the neighbor from the first floor came down. He was the chairman of our home commission. The moment he saw me he was shocked. I merely said to him "Goodbye, Mr. Me'ir" and continued along my way. "What is with you, Irith," he called to me. "Nothing wrong," I answered him. I arrived on the fourth floor without further confrontations and entered my flat. The nightmare finally came to an end, but the truth is that I enjoyed it. It was very funny to drive and walk naked in the streets.

Another day I saw Mr. Me'ir, and he asked me why I was going naked on the stairs. I told him the whole story, and he roared with laughter and said, "I hope it will happen much more. I enjoyed seeing you naked." I felt like I blushed to the roots, but I filled with pride.


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