The first meeting at Hof Ha'zahav
(golden beach) - May 18, 2002

By: Tuvia

In a spring Saturday morning we headed to Hof Ha'Zahav
which is located between Hadera and Natanya.
When I visited the beach before, I found it suitable to replace Dor Beach.
After the article in the "Zman Haifa" newspaper,
the management of Dor Beach got cold feet and retreated
from the agreement it had with the naturist society,
rejecting us with excuses.
We arrived at the beach pretty early, and at this hour the
big shading net was spread, and the tables and chairs were there.
I remember how last year the members had to carry the shading net
a mile to our corner, in the lovely beach we were at then.
Here in Hof Ha'zahav, it was much easier because the distance
from the parking area to the beach is only a 100 meters, and also
we didn't have to carry the shading net and the chairs and tables.










The parking is free and the beach is public, but in order to cover the
expenses we had to charge 20 ILS from everyone who came.
Eitan brought backgammon and did a marathon of games.
The ladies in the gang spread blue table cloaths and put good stuff on them.
The weather wasn't too good in the morning, and most of us stayed with
shirts and removed them when the sun was warmer.
After noon the sun came out with all its power and it was time for sun
lotion and the sea. The water temperatue was quite cool, but some jumped into
the water and said it was great.
The kids played soccer and some adults joined them.
The green freesby was used to games of pairs, but only a few used it.
The atmosphere was very pleasent and everyone said that Hof Ha'zahav is a
perfect solution and is definitly better than what we had in Dor beach.
After we asked everyone, we decided to set the next meeting in the same
place and time on June 1st.
See you at Hof Ha'zahav.

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