Kalia beach

in the north of the dead sea

The Kalia beach is in the north of the dead sea.
The name Kalia is an acronym for
"The dead sea is resurrected".
The beach is found next to the Kalia kibbutz which was
founded as a Nachal settelment and in 1975 became
a civil kibbutz.

50% of the kibbutz income comes from tourism and
the rest come from agricalture and outside work.

How to get to Kalia beach
The easiest way to get to Kalya is through Jerusalem.
When coming from Tel Aviv, a bit before the entrance to Jerusalem,
there is a left turn towards Ramot, the French Hill, Maale Adumim and Yericho.
After that, you pass the Mishor Adumim gas station and
then continue east towards Sdom, and Eilat.
On the way, you will reach the Lido crossroad - you can turn
only right there. After 2km there is a left turn towards Kalya beach.
It takes about 30 minutes to get to Kalya from Jerusalem.

Drive carefully





























Questions about Kalya weather can be

directed to Galit:

Tel. 02-9942391

Cell. 053-364323


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